Corporate Responsibility

Code of Conduct

Stangl Components GmbH takes responsibility for the consequences of their economical, technical, social and ecological decisions and actions. The company contributes to the well-being and the long-term development of a global society at all it’s business locations. The aim is towards universally held ethical values and principals, especially integrity, honesty and respect of human dignity.

This COC is based on this awareness and the company commits to promoting adherence to the contents.

The COC has been produced in English to allow understanding for readers in all our locations. It can be downloaded on .pdf format.

download .pdf - File .


Green IT

One of the largest users of energy in any trading company like ours is the IT system. Reducing this usage has both financial and ecological advantages and in order to achieve this, we have modernized our servers and are using a highly efficient server system.


PV installation

 Motivated by our engagement in social responsibility we have installed PV panels on the roofs of our offices and warehouse. The impressive installation includes 11 inverters and more than 470 solar panels, which provide a maximum of 77.74kW and therefore contribute continuously to the protection of the environment.