108 new Micro ISO Automotive Relay

110-510.jpgWith only 16mm high, the 108 series represents the new generation of micro ISO automotive relay.

It has 1NO contact form with AgSnO contact material, it is rated 25A 14VDC and has a sensitive coil of 800mW.

As option, 108 relay is proposed with resistor or diode in parallel to the coil, a PCB version is also available.


110 – new P.C.B. relay series for PV inverters


With 21.5x 16x 20.6mm (L x W x H) 110 series is the smallest relay with 1 NO contact form designed for PV inverter applications.

This new series is proposed with high contact rating up to 26A, 240VAC @ +85°C ambient temperature and 0.5W coil holding power.


210 – new P.C.B. relay series for PV inverters

110-510.jpgThis new series with 2 NO contacts has been especially designed for PV inverter applications.

210 series is a miniature power relay rated up to 14A, 250VAC @ +85°C ambient temperature with only 0.29W coil holding power..

To comply with VDE0126-1-1 and IEC62109-1 the 210 series is proposed with contact gap up to 2.4mm.


307 – New sub-miniature PCB power relay up to 10A

110-510.jpg307 is a small miniature relay, its dimensions are 18.8 x 10.6 x 15.6mm.

307 has 1NO contact with whether AgNi or AgSnO contact material; it is UL and VDE approved with following ratings:

- VDE: 10A 250VAC +85°C, 6A 250VAC +105°C
- UL: 10A 277VAC, 10A 30VDC, 12A 125VAC.


409 - Heavy duty relay for main power control on bus or truck


With 1NO contact rated 200A, 24VDC, the 409 is specially designed to switch heavy duty loads for bus and truck applications.

409 has compact dimensions - 67.5 x 90 x 58 mm and reduced coil power of only 4.8W/ 24VDC. Its ambient temperature range is -40 to +75°C.


510 – new P.C.B. relay series for PV inverters

110-510.jpg510 series is a 2 NO contact relay especially designed for PV inverter application.

It is available in three different ratings:

- 35A, 240VAC @ +85°C ambient temperature, 0.5W coil holding power
- 48A, 240VAC @ +85°C ambient temperature, 0.6W coil holding power
- 54A, 240VAC @ +85°C ambient temperature, 1.35W coil holding power


611 - New Micro ISO Automotive Relay

611With 35A up to +125°C ambient temperature, 611 series is a new generation of high power micro ISO available with either 1NO (SPST) or 1CO (SPDT) contact.

The standard dimensions have been reduced to 22.5x15x25.4mm (LxWxH).

As option, 611 relay is proposed with resistor or diode in parallel to the coil.


Relays for PV-inverters

110-510.jpgSong Chuan, the Taiwanese manufacturer of relays is presenting two types of new relays for the application in PV-inverter which meet the standards of DIN VDE 0126-1-1.

The model-series 110 is a new, innovative, high-performance single-pole miniature relay with NO-contact and the contact gap > 1,5mm.


New design, proven quality

Screen-Beispiele We’re sure you noticed it at the very first click: Song Chuan has a new look, a fresh face in line with the times.
A glance at these pages will already have given you an initial impression. The new colours and characteristic design elements create a livery that shows the European market what we are: a modern and quality-conscious partner


Plug-in automotive relays: Classics with a future

Automotive Relays

in the automotive market for electromechanical components, size matters. Even more important, however, are robustness and reliability. Along with versatility, these are the qualities that make conventional plug-in relays in-dispensable. So it’s hardly surprising that Song Chuan is steadily developing its automotive product range