Green IT

One of the largest users of energy in any trading company like ours is the IT system. Reducing this usage has both financial and ecological advantages and in order to achieve this, we have modernized our servers and are using a highly efficient server system.

With the help of ‘virtual-servers’, we are able to run more server units with less hardware. This optimizes resources and also allows for flexibility. It does result in considerably reduced energy usage compared with the use of ‘classic’ server set-ups.

A further advantage is the reduced heat output and consequent reduction in the energy needed to cool the actual server room.

Additional peripheral changes made include reduction of print systems and the usage of the latest displays. The most substantial change has been the replacement of the ‘classic’ PC with Thin Clients. These not only use less energy, they are also more efficiently produced. As server power for Thin Clients is of no great importance and they do not need mechanical parts like hard-drives and ventilation, a longer lifespan is also anticipated.